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In the educational process you’ll do many practical work and will be able to form your own portfolio, which can be used in your future work.

We work with top IT specialists who have a talent to share their knowledge and give professional advices to students. All of them work in IT industry and know about the latest tendencies in this sphere. We stand for the full development of skills, that’s why we work on both hard and soft skills, which are equally important.

What We Do

Methodology intelity

Skillogica is sure to teach students programming — much more,
than to gather people in one room and give them an assignment. Therefore, the program Go FullStack is not only the basic skills necessary for work. We prepare you for the full entrance to IT.

Each course of the program comprises:

Tech Skills

The main block of knowledge is theory and practice. All homework on the course interconnected and in the end will lead you to the finished project for the portfolio. The second part of the course is 100% practice: creating a cross-functional project in a team.

Soft Skills


Study of personal effectiveness, time management, teamwork and communication.


Access to the training platform, where you can learn IT-English.

Career Skills

Training on employment in an IT company — how to competently compile CV.

After completing our courses

Work at home or in the office, lead one project or become a freelancer, write code in the morning or late at night — you decide only.

You can work wherever you want

  • Deep understanding theoretical material
  • Block and table layout
  • Adaptive layout, creation of mobile sites
  • Libraries for interface development and effects creation

Pay for the course monthly or in full (with a 5% discount), payment by installments is possible

27 Lessons

2 times a week, on Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:30 and Saturdays from 11:00 to 13:00

October 2018

The next group will start in October 2018

Program Courses

Our Concept

Visiting theoretical classes

Deep understanding theoretical material. Each stage of training
on the course — a kind of step up.

Implementation of practical cases

Each of the HW — 5-7 preparatory cases, each of which will be part of a personal project in future.

Implementation of House Works

Thanks to interconnected homework, you are constantly improving code quality

Creating a Functional Project

You will develop a full-fledged final project with students of other GoIT directions and will defend it at the end learning.

Work at home or in the office, lead one project or become a freelancer, write code in the morning or late at night — you decide only.